2017 Net Worth Review

Having recently put up the HTSC portfolio, which can be found here, I thought I’d start sharing the progress the HTSC household is making on reaching their net worth target. 

Remember only percentage values are being used as it makes no difference to you what the HTSC net worth target is.


Month Net Worth %
January 5.21
February 5.39
March 5.85
April 6.09
May 6.39
June 6.52
July 6.62
August 6.86
September 7.01
October 5.85
November 5.97
December 6.23

OK, tables are not the most visually pleasing way to show data so here are a couple of sexy graphs.

Graph 1 – 2017 Monthly net worth increase and slight decrease.

As we can see the HTSC net worth was happily heading north until September came along. The drop is due to purchasing a house, something the HTSC clan won’t be doing again any time soon, so there shouldn’t be another dip as large as this in the future.


Graph 2 – 2017 Net worth relative to target.

Some people relish seeing the bigger picture and some people just don’t. Mr HTSC is a ‘wants to see the big picture’ kind of chap, regardless of how depressing it might look. Case in point, the grey line in graph 2 is the HTSC net worth and the yellow line at the top is our goal. To say we’ve got a way to go is a slight understatement but who doesn’t like a challenge eh?

You might be asking, why doesn’t this scare Mr HTSC to death? Well here’s why (yep, another graph)

Graph 3 – The big picture

According to graph 3, we should be hitting our net worth goal around 2043, now this might seem like a long time into the future, and it is. But power is knowing and now we’ve got this big picture, if we think that waiting until 2043 is too far into the future, we alter the plan accordingly. Whether that’s by saving and investing more or generating more income per month.

The data behind the graph can be seen below. You’ll notice the HTSC prediction was to have a net worth of 6% around 2022. So we’re already ahead having achieved that in 2017.

Year Net Worth
2014 0.30
2015 0.83
2016 1.43
2017 2.10
2018 2.84
2019 3.67
2020 4.58
2021 5.61
2022 6.75
2023 8.01
2024 9.42
2025 10.99
2026 12.73
2027 14.67
2028 16.82
2029 19.22
2030 21.88
2031 24.84
2032 28.13
2033 31.79
2034 35.86
2035 40.37
2036 45.39
2037 50.96
2038 57.15
2039 64.02
2040 71.66
2041 80.14
2042 89.55
2043 100.00

Hopefully, this has been useful and possibly even a prompt to put together a sexy graph or two yourself. I realise that finance can be a dry subject but it really doesn’t have to be, especially when it involves your future.

Happy graphin’!

1 thought on “2017 Net Worth Review”

  1. Nice nice!

    I was a bit lost with the percentages at the top, but it quickly made itself clear with the 100% goal graph.

    I would still like to find out what the number is, I know it doesn’t make any difference but I love a bit of financial voyeurism 🙂

    Anyway good luck with your goals! Oh and by the way I clicked on your Bulb referral link, so I’ll have a look at that soon and if we end up switching hopefully you’ll get the kick back


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