Here is a list of blogs I find extremely useful. Most are around the idea of becoming financially independent.


Monevator – An absolute must read when wanting to get a really good understanding of passive investing in the UK. The broker comparison table is an absolute must read when deciding where to put your hard earned cash.


Mr Money Mustache – This was the first website I came across when trawling through the internet trying to make sense of all this financial talk. This blog does a fantastic job of breaking things down into simple understandable chunks. The blog also promotes frugal living and has some excellent advice on how to cut bills and live a more financially conscience life. Although based in the US, the majority of advice can be applied here in sunny blighty. Just substitute 401k for pension and $ for £.

FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) – A relatively new website which aggregates a number of financial/FIRE blogs out there for your viewing pleasure. It’s probably easier to keep an eye on this site to see if there are any new blog posts from the FIRE brigade.


Quietly Saving – Weenie, a woman on a mission to become financially independent and retire early.  She regularly updates her blog with posts filled with humour and inspiration.