I NEED HELP WITH MY MONEY! Said no one, ever.

The majority of people in Britain are not comfortable with talking about money and that is fine. However, this becomes a problem when financial difficulty strikes and it feels like you have no where to go. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there which are more than happy to help you get out of trouble. Credit card companies and payday loan companies to name a few. Sadly, these guys are not out there to help you in the long run, they are there to make money and they are preying on the vulnerable in order to do so.

If this happens to be you, do not worry, with some effort and careful planning, the days of being short of cash will be a distant past.

To keep the blog posts small, this is just an introduction to a series of posts which will contain simple steps that will hopefully help you to get into a healthy financial position.

Upcoming posts:

  1. A simple budget
  2. Clearing high interest debt (credit cards / payday loans)
  3. Saving
  4. Making your spare cash work harder (Investing)

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