Net Worth Update – March 2018

So it’s time to check up on whether HTSC’s net worth has increased or decreased in March 2018. I’m going to leave the previous years net worth numbers in these updates so we can see that (hopefully) everything is headed in the right direction. 

The HTSC portfolio can be found here and a round up of 2017 can be found here.

Remember only percentage values are being used as it makes no difference to you what the HTSC net worth target is.

Net Worth

Month Net Worth %
2017 2018
January 5.21 6.30
February 5.39 6.33
March 5.85 6.34
April 6.09
May 6.39
June 6.52
July 6.62
August 6.86
September 7.01
October 5.85
November 5.97
December 6.23

Again it’s the same story as February, the net worth increased (yay!) but not by much (boo!).

The reason that it hasn’t increased by much this month is it’s been a wee bit choppy in the stock markets. Here’s a snapshot from the past month for the LifeStrategy 80% Equity Fund

Graph 1 – It’s starting to get interesting, that’s for sure.

This doesn’t put Mr HTSC off the plan, in fact quite the opposite, as the price falls, more units in the fund can be bought at the cheaper price! And here’s the net worth data in graph-o-vision.

Graph 2 –  As we can see, the bloody thing continues to flat line in 2018.

As previously stated, no one said making your spare cash work harder for you was going to be plain sailing, so with that Mr HTSC just keeps calm and carries on.

Take it easy.

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