OK so it’s time for HowToSaveCash to nail his colours to the mast and let you in on what the HTSC portfolio looks like. I’m going to update this page on a monthly basis as well as post monthly updates to show the progress the HTSC household is making on achieving their net worth goal. The portfolio will be in percentage values, as it makes absolutely no difference to you, dear reader, whether the HTSC goal is to have a net worth of £10, £100, £10,000, £100,000 or £1,000,000.

HTSC Portfolio – September 2018

Here’s a sexy pie chart which gives an overview of the portfolio.

Here’s the breakdown of what is in the portfolio.

Overall Percent
Cash 17
Stocks & Shares ISA  50
Fund Name Percent
Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity  Fund – Accumulation 100
SIPP  24
Fund Name Percent
Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% Equity  Fund – Accumulation 100
Work Place Pension (Aviva) 7
Fund Name Percent
Aviva Pensions BlackRock Aquila UK Equity Index Tracker S6 20
Aviva Pensions BlackRock Aquila US Equity Index Tracker S6 45
Aviva Pensions BlackRock Aquila European Equity Index Tracker S6 20
Aviva Pensions BlackRock Aquila Pacific Rim Equity Index Tracker S6 5
Aviva Pensions BlackRock Aquila Japanese Equity Index Tracker S6 5
Aviva Pensions BlackRock Aquila Over 15 Years Gilt Index Tracker S6 5
BrewDog Shares 2


The Aviva pension is an auto-enrollment work place pension that Mr HTSC was signed up for some time in 2016/2017. The funds in the pension are ones that have been manually selected since being enrolled. The default fund that was chosen was an actively managed, high fee fund which just doesn’t sit well with the ethos of saving cash, so it was changed for the 6 index funds listed above.

Yes, Mr HTSC invested in BrewDog some years ago and happens to benefit greatly from the discount received in their bars and online shop for being a share holder. Yes, I know, spending money on beer is not a basic need but hey, you have to live a little right? For those wanting to know more here’s a link Equity For Punks.


3 thoughts on “Portfolio”

  1. Hah, love that you have some Equity for punks as well.

    Have they kept you updated on what your original investment is now worth? Or is that %age just based on the amount you actually put in?

    I have only just invested in the most recent round, kudos to you for getting in there earlier. I remember it coming up a few years back and for some reason I didn’t do it… kicking myself on that now!

  2. The BrewDog investment has been the only one made with the heart, instead of the head. As for keeping shareholders up to date, yes and no. It’s actually quite difficult to gauge what they are worth as there is only 1 trading window per year (sometimes not even that) and as far as I can see they don’t publish an average share price after the window is closed. A US company invested a fair amount last year ($124 million for preferred shares) and I believe the shares they bought were for around the £13 mark. So at the moment, I use that figure as an indicator as to how much they are worth. They had a bond offering last year too, which I wish I’d have gone for, it was a 3 year maturity with a coupon of 7.5%! Not a bed return if you ask me. There is also talk of the company heading for the stock market which would be interesting, Brewdog considers New York Stock Exchange float. If you’ve signed up, they do a good job of getting the quarterly and annual report out, which details what’s going on and the financials.


  3. My brew dog shares have been a great investment but it’s easier to.buy them than sell.
    Values at over a billion pounds makes it a huge business abd they do plan to float at some point but in the meantime I have about 8% Of my net worth tied up in a illiquid investment.

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