Products & Services

Here is a list of the companies that the HTSC household uses for the more mundane but necessary products and services in life. Some companies offer a commission for online referrals and some do not, this does not effect my decision as to what is listed here. All the companies listed here provide products and services the HTSC household actually does use.


Aviva – Whether you are looking for car/home/travel or health insurance, Aviva usually returns the best quote. Aviva actually underwrites a lot of insurance policies for other companies, something you’ll be able to find out if you read the small print of any insurance document. So instead of paying the underwriters and a middle man, just go straight to the underwriter. There is also a discount available if you have multiple products with them i.e car insurance and home insurance. Make sure to search Quidco for any cash back offers, as new customers can get relatively large sums of money back.

Home Energy 

Bulb – These guys are doing a fantastic job with providing green energy to homes across the UK. They provide 100% renewable electricity, which gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when switching on a light. Their tariff isn’t the cheapest out there but on the flip side, they have only one tariff which is very simple to understand and their customer service is truly excellent. You’ll get £50 credit if you sign up and switch to Bulb from here, who can say no to free energy!

Mobile Phone (Sim Only)

The Peoples Operator – A relative new kid on the block, having only been around since 2012. The Peoples Operator are offering some fantastic sim only deals, Mr HTSC recently jumped on the deal for 1.5GB data, 750 minutes and unlimited texts for only £4.99 per month! This deal can be found here (not sure it’ll be around for too long). Another great benefit is 10% of your monthly payment goes to a charity of your choice. TPO use the Three network so check coverage in your area, this can be done with their Coverage Checker.