Wise Words: A conversation with Charlie Munger (includes Charlie’s thoughts on cryptocurrencies)

This video was published on the 20th December 2017 and is another great insight into the mind of Charlie Munger.

If you happen to be interested in cryptocurrencies, Charlie has some great advice around the 38 minute mark.

Happy viewing!

2 thoughts on “Wise Words: A conversation with Charlie Munger (includes Charlie’s thoughts on cryptocurrencies)”

  1. Hmmm…

    He may well have the correct advice in the end, but it doesn’t really sound like he has taken the time to understand it at all “They will just make more Bitcoin” – erm no they won’t. There are thousands of other cryptos out there being made, he could have said that and that would have been kind of a fair point, but what he said to me means he doesn’t really understand it all that much at all.

    To be fair though, maybe he has and understands the whole space, but just wanted to dismiss it with some easy to remember sound bites rather than going too in depth on it…

  2. I take your point that maybe he doesn’t understand it all but then maybe he’s got it figured out already and knows it’s a bad idea from the get go. There is supposedly a 21 million limit on the number of bitcoins but there is always the ability to ‘fork’ off (as it did with bitcoin cash) which just seems to just create more cryptocurrencies. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out but I certainly don’t see it as the future and tend to agree with Mr Munger on whether to put money any where near it.

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