Wise Words: Talks from the world’s best investors

So you’ll be glad to know this post will be light on text and heavy on YouTube videos. For me, these videos provide some great advice on how to approach life and best of all, it’s free!

These videos have been chosen because not only are Mr Buffett and Mr Munger the most successful investing partnership there has ever been, they both seem to be good, honest and down to earth people. Their ability to explain complex issues in a simple way and do it with humility and humour, just cannot be beaten.

Warren Buffett – Even if you don’t watch the entire video, I highly recommend you watch/listen to the first 10 minutes. You never know, it may just change the way you approach life.

Charlie Munger – A great insight into the workings of another great mind. There’s a great life story from 16 minutes in.

Warren Buffett – A film released in 2017, I’m not sure it should be on YouTube but I’d recommend watching it whilst you can. It’s a great insight into the man behind the title ‘World’s Most Successful Investor’.


A quick search on YouTube will return even more videos of talks Mr Buffett and Mr Munger have given over the years. If you have the time I’d recommend you watch as many as possible. I mean why wouldn’t you, they are talking about their life experiences and lessons learnt from investing. If someone has learnt a valuable lesson, how great is it to learn from them and not have to make the mistake yourself? Happy viewing.

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